eNews January 2019

I Dare You! Try One New Thing

April Tanner, CCE, Kimball Equipment

At Western Region Credit Conference in October I was the monitor for a great session taught by our NACM National President Robin Schauseil. The topic was Top Benefits of Membership. In other words, are you getting and using the full value of your membership in NACM? I have been a member of NACM for three decades and I learned new things from Robin. Learning new things at credit conferences is why I keep attending - there is always something new. I was stunned at the new ways to use my membership and to enhance my skills and performance. Being better at my job means better profitability for my company and isn't that the goal?

Learning from Robin inspired me to challenge YOU - the NACM Member to use one new thing that NACM offers this year. You have many options at the local and national level - refer to the list below. Pick one to do this year and you will be forever grateful you took this dare to enhance your NACM experience and increase your knowledge in the credit profession.

Locally nacmint.com

-Join ICEL or if inactive-become active

-Invite a guest to come to ICEL-their lunch would be free that month and both of you benefit 

-Join a committee for ICEL or NACM Intermountain-there are many to choose from

-Attend/join a group meeting-If you are already in a group is there another group you could also join? (Belonging to several groups gets my company more credit reports each month, and more sources for up-to-date info on my customers!)

-Write an article for the newsletter-share your knowledge and skills

-Attend a class or seminar-Boot Camp, liens, fraud etc. Some education classes are even available online

-Vote in the Board of Directors election this April! 

-Attend Western Region Credit Conference in Portland October 23-25, 2019

-Check out the forms on the NACM website-many years of experience are in those forms

-Be a mentor-Share the wonderful knowledge you have

-Try NACM collections-Use the demand letter service if you haven't in the past

-Sign up for the Membership Roster-I use it almost weekly

-Obtain your certification-CBA, CBF, CCE and more. Check out the career road-map on the website

-Read and use the Intermountain Commercial Record-Try the searchable database available to members free on the website

-Contribute your aging electronically every month

-Use the NTCR-National Trade Credit Report-if you need assistance with it-just ask 

-Fax or email copies of the credit reference requests you receive to membership as leads to grow membership

-Use NACM to reply to the credit reference requests that you receive

Nationally nacm.org 

-Set up an account at National-It's easy and free

-Install the Business Credit app on your phone-also easy and free. Do it! Use It!

-Read your Business Credit Magazine (There's an app for that!)-Do you have a way to save the articles you love?

-Attend Credit Congress in Denver May 19-22. 2019-Sign up this month for a discount!

-Participate in National Surveys

-Take a Webinar-Did you know you get one free with your membership each year?

-Understand the Credit Manager Index (CMI) and participate in the survey each month

-Check out NACM Secured Transactions for help with UCC's and lien filings nationally

-Listen to the Podcasts-YES, there are podcasts available

-Visit the Credit Learning Center on the website-Fabulous books and articles ready to read and search by keyword

-Check out the Blog at National's website

-NACM National also has forms you can review and download

-Global Intelligence Briefs-NACM Economist Chris Kuehl has awesome insights

-Videos on educational topics. Do you need a quick review of financial statement ratios? It's there.

-Best Practices papers by grad students of NACM's Graduate School GSCFM. As Robin said-these are written by members for members-check them out!

-Finance, Credit & International Business Association (FCIB) for those who offer International Credit

-Links to Companies you have seen at Credit Congress including EX-IM Bank, Euler Hermes and Bectran to name a few

Wow, that is quite a list and I am sure I have missed some products or services.

I am daring you to accept the challenge and pick one, just one of these products or services that you don't already utilize with NACM and do it this year. However, some are so easy and useful you could easily do more than one. I would love it if you could let me know later in the year what you learned from accepting this challenge. You know where to find me.