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NACM National Trade Credit Reports


Includes member reported trade lines from 10,000 businesses nationwide, NTCR Predictive Score, Payment Trends, NACM collection activity, Alerts, Financial Institution Reported Information, Public Records, UCC Filings, State Incorporation Information and Member inquiries. 
Requires member number and security code 

 View NACM National Trade Credit Report sample report

Industry Analysis Report

The Industry Analysis Report includes information on the payment behaviors of customers that purchase from a specific industry. The report includes Average balances and past due figures for the last 12 months of the customers as well as past due % for the last 6 months, DBT trend over the past 12 months, Balance Comparison gives a breakdown in the account sizes of customers who purchase from the industry and Score & DBT changes of other industries that, on average, score in the same range.

 View NACM Industry Analysis Report

 Insight Report

The Insight Report is a comprehensive report consisting of the NTCR combined with data elements from Experian and/or Equifax. The combination of the reports provides a complete and informative report to utilize as a resource for making effective credit decisions. 

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Portfolio Management Suite

Your time is valuable and NACM is here to help you maximize it. Members who contribute data have access to the Portfolio Management Suite at no charge, designed to help you monitor your accounts with ease. Benchmarking, custom alerts and outsourced credit reference responses are just the beginning.

See geographical and comparable dollar and account exposure over a range of scoring classes from Low to High Risk. Isolate your accounts to take action on accounts that are slowing down. Drill down to see exposed ZIP codes within each state. 

  Portfolio Management Suite samples


 D&B Reports

The Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud offers the world’s largest set of business decisioning data and analytical insights, providing insights on hundreds of millions of businesses and other commercial entities across the globe.  We source data from 10’s of thousands of sources, 10’s of millions of websites, and crowd-sourcing/validating initiatives.  We continuously monitor our vast number of sources for changes that impact information in the Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud, verify changes, and update the Data Cloud accordingly.

View DNB Finance Analytics

 View DNBi Comprehensive sample report 

 View D&B Extend the Power of A/R Data

 View D&B Financial Management Cycle




Experian Business Credit Reports

BusinessIQ Premier Profile

Credit risk, fraud checks and company background information in a simple report with OFAC

 View Experian Premier Profile sample report

Intelliscore Report

A one page summary report with a predictive score that predicts the likelihood of a business becoming seriously delinquent in paying bills within the next 12 months.

 View Experian Intelliscore sample report


Equifax Canadian Credit Reports

Credit reports to help you manage business risk associated with customer, suppliers and partners. Get the in-depth information needed to make great credit decisions and minimize risk. 

 View Equifax Canadian Credit Reports


Consumer Reports (for business purposes)

Considering extending business credit to a:

  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership, or
  • Accepting a personal guarantee?

Get the information you need to make an informed credit decision with CIC Credit consumer credit reports. We offer CIC Credit one, two or three bureau merged consumer credit reports. 

** Written permission to access consumer data is advisable. Consult your legal counsel with questions.

  View CIC Credit Sample Report




International Trade Credit Reports, by FCIB (NACM’s International Association)

Selling internationally can be big business, but not without big risk! To help manage that risk, FCIB’s fresh investigation international credit reports are developed upon request with real-time information by a variety of on-the-ground credit reporting bureaus. Because each report is freshly investigated and not simply a database report, four delivery speeds are available, country dependant:  Next business day (a modified fresh investigation), Routine (10-20 business days), Rush (6-10 business days) and Super Rush  (3-5 business days).  Visit FCIB’s webpage for information and pricing!

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 View FCIB International Credit Report (India)

 View FCIB International Credit Report (Colombia)


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