Education Classes

Credit Boot Camp

 "Basic Training" drills prepare participants for the battles of credit and collections. Three 1-hour sessions taught quarterly.

  1. Credit Policy & Credit Application
    Protection for Your Company! Boot Camp covers credit applications, tax certificates, terms and conditions of an open account, personal guarantee, refusing credit and the weapons arsenal known as your policies and procedures manual.
  2. Collection Calls
    What Really Works! Boot Camp teaches essential communication skills and fact finding mission strategies along with guidelines for effective collection calls, collection policies and procedures.
  3. Credit Reports
    Read, Interpret & Utilize Everything in a Report! Boot Camp provides the keys to making good credit decisions by understanding where to find the information to fit the class customer you are evaluating.


Credit Classes

NACM offers college level; accredited courses in business credit management, often in association with Salt Lake Community College. 

Business Credit Principles

Course Description: Designed and written by fellow credit professionals, Business Credit Principles is essential for every credit professional. This comprehensive course covers all of the vital elements of business credit, including the role of credit in financial management, the components of effective credit department systems, specific government regulations that pertain to business credit, credit policy and procedures, selling terms, negotiable instruments, the Uniform Commercial Code, credit investigations, finance and business insurance, business credit fraud, factors associated with credit limits, and international trade, as well as bankruptcy codes and alternatives to bankruptcy.

Basic Financial Accounting

An introduction to the concepts and methods underlying the preparation of financial statements using generally accepted accounting principles. Topics covered include the accounting cycle, cash and inventories.

Financial Statement Analysis I

Course Description: This is an introductory course in financial (accounting) statements and their analysis. It reviews the basic financial statements, quality issues in using these statements, and the analysis of these statements for the purpose of making credit decisions.

The Legal Environment of Business

Principles of business law, including torts, contracts, agency and commercial law. Business forms including sole proprietorship, partnerships and corporations are explored along with common legal problems encountered in business.

Credit Law

A continuation of the Business Law course, Credit Law looks more closely at negotiable instruments, debtor-creditor relationships and government regulations.


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