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Collection Rates

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You can log in and view claim status 24/7. Password assistance 801-487-8786.


Collection of Accounts Receivable

Use this timely, aggressive service when you feel your commercial account will not pay unless firm pressure is exerted by NACM. Immediate contact is made by our experienced collectors with professional techniques to provide you the service you expect and deserve. With a network of NACM offices and agents strategically located, both nationwide and international claims can be handled efficiently. You can conveniently check the status of your placed accounts online 24/7. Ask any of our collectors for access instructions. 

Collection Rates
50% on accounts less than $200.00. Accounts over $200.00 are charged: 25% on amounts collected up to $2,000; and 20% on balance over $2,000. Thus, for a collection of $2,500.00, a client would pay NACM Business Credit Services 25% of the first $2,000 and 20% of $500.00 and you have added funds to your cash flow that you otherwise may not have had. A 33.3% rate applies to all claims that have been previously placed with other attorneys, collection agencies or if you have obtained your own small claims judgment. 

Recovery of Bad Checks
We are experienced in the recovery of bad checks. Don't overlook this valuable service from NACM Business Credit Services. Regular collection rates apply. 

Bonded Attorney Services
NACM Business Credit Services has secured Professional Legal Counsel nationwide with expertise in the litigation of accounts. This service should be utilized when the debtor's financial condition or attitude indicates it cannot be collected without legal action. You are kept advised of our progress and we ask for your approval prior to sending any claim to an attorney. You can also send the account to us for collection and direct that it be immediately forwarded to one of our attorneys.


Legal Rates:
Legal rates and costs will vary depending on the circumstances, amount owed, and venue. You will be advised of the actual rate and estimated costs prior to assignment to an attorney and will be required to give your approval prior to legal action being initiated.

The creditor is required to advance court costs and suit fees which are usually nominal. We discuss these with you in advance so you can make an informed decision when determining whether to have the account placed with an attorney.