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Aug 25 2011
Credit Policy Workshop

Credit Policy & Procedures

The Workshop

For B2B Credit Grantors

August 25, 2011, 8:30 am to 11:30 am

7410 S Creek Rd, #301, Sandy, UT

$50.00 per company

Who should attend? Management, Finance, Credit, Sales … those key individuals invoiced in the order to cash cycle for your company.

Credit Policy: A general course of action developed for recurring situations, designed to achieve established objectives. Credit Executive's Handbook

What should be considered in YOUR Credit Policy?  (one size does not fit all)
     Limit bad debt/Improve cash flow

     Consistency/common goals throughout your company

     What is our mission?

     What are our goals?

     Who is responsible?

     How is credit evaluated... how do we weight risk vs. reward?

     How is collection handled?

     Who has the authority to modify terms of sale? And why to limit and control?

     Ethics, quality, training, deductions, credit interchange

     No right or wrong answers here, its individualized for the right fit for your company.

The credit department is an important resource to upper management to help set overall company strategy

Develop your policy to achieve your mission and your goals

Set specific responsibilities?

Determine what's needed in credit evaluation

Limit variations of terms of sale

Synchronize expectations from all departments (sales, finance, credit, finance & management)

Avoid duplication of efforts and needless friction between departments

Policies differ for each company, which is why this is a workshop. Your company team will work together to establish the policy that will help your company be more profitable.

Create employee empowerment and creativity to increase profitable business transactions.


Where/what are your strengths

Where/what is the weakness

Where/what is your greatest opportunities

Where/what is your biggest threat

Why is this so stinking cheap? Because we are a member owned association, we are able to keep costs down, it's a benefit of membership and we are here to help you.