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Aug 24 2011
Fall Semester Starts August 24, 2011
Business Credit Education - The Key To Your Future

Fall Semester 2011 - classes run August 24 to December 15.

 Class/CRN Campus Day(s) Time Room Instructor  
Principles of Business Credit FIN2210-002 - 2 credit hours $290
 40061 Taylorsville/Redwood M 5:30-7:15 pm  TBA Georgette Bevan, CCE
 Financial Statement Analysis I FIN2220-001 - 2 credit hours $290
 45126 Taylorsville/Redwood  W 5:30-7:20 pm  TBA Doug Darrington, CCE
Financial Accounting ACCT1110 - 3 credit hours $417
 44071 Taylorsville/Redwood TR 7:00-8:15 pm TBA  Barnett
 Business Law MGT 2050 - 3 credit hours $417
 44078 Jordan Campus T 7:00-9:45 pm TBA  Staff
 40067 Taylorsville/Redwood W 7:00-9:45 pm TBA  Staff
 Credit Law - 2 credit hours $290
45127 Taylorsville/Redwood  T 5:30-7:20 pm  TBA Sott W Lee, JD, CCE

All classes listed above provide credit towards the  NACM National Professional Certification Program.
To apply for admission or register for classes go to the Salt Lake Community Website at http://www.slcc.edu/
Questions? - Contact Georgette Bevan, CCE email: GBevan@nacmint.com or call 801.433.6116
Scholarship opportunities available through NACM and ICEL - view applications