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Sep 07 2011
Credit Boot Camp

Basic Training in Credit & Collections 
Essential knowledge and skills to help new employees as well as seasoned veterans make better credit decisions. Learn the skills to collect accounts receivable in tough economic times.

NACM Training Center, 7410 S Creek Rd.# 301, Sandy, UT
Cost: $50 NACM Members, $80 Non Members
8:00 a.m.  - 12:00 noon

It's a Battle Out There!  Are You Prepared?

Business Credit & Business
The importance of credit in business
   Credit & Collections = Cash Flow & Profit

Credit Policy
   Protection for your company
   A map to success

Credit Applications
   A great investigative tool
   Create the contract

Credit Investigations
   Where to get the information 
   How to read, interpret and understand credit reports
   Evaluation and analysis for fact based decisions

Collections Calls: What really works!

   Essential communication skills

   Guidelines for effective collection calls

   Typical customer reactions

   You are on a fact finding mission

   Collection Policy & Procedures


Drill Instructors: Dean Wangsgard, CCE and Georgette Bevan, CCE

Questions: Contact Georgette Bevan, CCE 801-433-6116