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NACM Business Credit Services

Benefits of Membership in NACM Business Credit ServicesNACM is here to help your business succeed by providing the tools necessary to protect one of your company's largest assets, your accounts receivable.

NACM's role is to support, educate and assist those involved in the
day-to-day business of making credit decisions and collecting accounts receivable.

NACM Business Credit Services is an advocate for business to business credit, specializing in the resources that commercial creditors need.

Not sure how to take your company to the next level? Let us show your company how to manage credit risk by matching your customers to the most appropriate and cost effective credit reports.

Industry trade groups help members understand their current marketplace conditions and customers.The NACM National Certification Program, local seminars and classes increase the value and abilities of your employees to work quickly, effectively and confidently.

We also have a full service collection department.

Whether you're a sole proprietor or a multibillion dollar company, members become more profitable by making more accurate and informed credit decisions and managing the risks of accounts receivable.

Join NACM today and make a positive impact on your bottom line.


OUR GOAL...To enhance our Members' economic success by providing professional risk management tools and the finest credit related products, services, and education.

• Provide excellent customer service
• Value individual relationships
• Focus on and support your needs
• Be courteous and respectful
• Promptly provide accurate information
• Be innovators in technology

• Integrity
• Excellence
• Courtesy
• Dedication
• Professionalism


 NACM Fall Member Outing 
Friday, September 19, 2014
Eaglewood Golf Course
1110 East Eaglewood Drive, NSL

> New dinner menu selections
> BINGO with cash & prizes 
> Golf Tournament with prizes
~ $2,000 hole-in-one prize on selected hole

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News & Events

Aug 01 2014
Solving the Mystery of the Statement of Cash Flows
The statement of cash flows is part of the financial statement trio. That trio being the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, and Statement of Cash Flows. It measures the actual cash inflow and outflow during an accounting period. We all know that cash is king. We live and die by how much cash we can generate through our business. Therefore, cash flow from operations can be a critical measure of overall success. more...
Aug 01 2014
Say YES when you mean YES
You are in the office on a typical day. The phone is going nutso and people are constantly in and out asking for help with different items. The next man in your office has a reasonable request. He has been asking for your help for some time now and you just haven't had the time to look at it. We all find ourselves in these situations. The thousand dollar question is --- what do you tell this man? more...
Jul 01 2014
Education & Designation
Each one of us knows our value and knows what we can do in our individual career in credit. That's like looking into a mirror and seeing yourself with all of your value and knowledge. Having a designation is like turning that mirror into a window. Carrying the initials of your designation on your name is a statement about you and your knowledge and accomplishments. It shows the untrained eye your dedication and your expertise. more...